10 MOST USEFUL Best Fiends Tips!!! (NOT Sponsored!)

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Guys, this is just a one-off fun video! This channel will obviously stay with DIY/craft tutorials :D!!
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The idea for this video came when I was answering a lot of your questions about Best Fiends. I suddenly realised why not just make a video that covers all the tips I normally wrote in my replies, plus other strategies that I use myself. Since loads of people have downloaded Best Fiends as a result of their Youtube campaign, I hope this will useful for many players!

1) CREATE LONG CHAINS. You can often draw the line in a certain way that allows you to connect more blocks together by using sharp angles or going in a spiral shape. Avoid making a single chain of three blocks unless you have absolutely no other choice.

2) MATCH FIENDS WITH LEVEL GOALS. I find that bomb fiends are best for levels with slugs, crates or obstacles. Converter fiends are necessary for levels where you have to collect the same coloured blocks. Of course, in the beginning of the game you may not have enough fiends at all which leads to the next tip….

3) PLAY SIDE QUESTS! These give you key that unlock new Fiends (including super rare ones if you’re lucky) and game power-ups like extra energy, meteormites, diamonds etc. If you complete an entire side quest, you will get gold which is normally only available through the shop.

4) SAVE YOUR KEYS. Save up at least 9 keys and open all the boxes at once which increases your chance of finding a jackpot. If you get two jackpots from the same screen, then don’t open any more boxes and save your keys for later.

5) COLLECT THINGS TO UPGRADE YOUR FIENDS. If you’re totally stuck on a level, play the side quests, Loot Balloon and keep spinning the wheel to get power-ups. I find that levelling up several fiends almost always solves the problem. You can easily tell which fiends are ready to be levelled up by looking for the exclamation mark. As an extra tip, first check which colours are required for the level you want to complete. Then go back and level up the right fiend. In some levels, certain fiends aren’t used at all so you don’t want to spend your meteormites on them at the that point.

6) RESTART THE LEVEL. Did you know that can click “Restart” to get a better starting screen without losing energy. For instance the main objective of this level is to get blue blocks so I’m going to keep restarting until I get a good combination like this. This trick only works at the very beginning of the game before you make any moves. If you click “Give Up” then you will lose energy.

7) CLEAR OBSTACLES ASAP. As the levels get more complicated try to remove any slug slime, mud or robo slugs as quickly as possible. These cover up playable blocks and reduces the points you can get.

8) DON’T GIVE UP! f you keep replaying a level, the game will eventually give you extra moves that helps you complete it. I also find that the game will sometimes give you an excellent combination of blocks that lets you clear a level very quickly. However you will only know this by playing through the level many times.

9) IN APP PURCHASES. Of course, you can always use in-app purchases to help you proceed quicker. Keep an eye out for special deals for gold and diamonds! You can also get rare fiends with extra special abilities through the shop, such as Labbit, Lacey, Nog and Wu. These are stronger than normal fiends and can help you progress through the game faster.

10) ANALYSE EACH LEVEL. Last but not least, play each new level several times and start to figure out a strategy. I realised this was particularly useful for the levels over 100. You only have limited moves so you have to decide whether you need to clear certain obstacles first, or break the bubble on chimneys. Level 46 is one that many people seem to be stuck on and the first thing you see is that there are block s

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