2017 Powerful Octa-Core ( 8 CORE ) 3GB Android TV Box – H96 PRO PLUS 4K Ultra HD

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– CPU: S912 Cortex A53 Octa-core 2GHz 64-bit
– GPU: Mali 820 running @ 750MHz
– ROM: 32GB eMMC
– OS: Android 6.0
– MicroSD Card slot
– Dualband Wifi 2.5Ghz + 5Ghz – BGN, AC
– Bluetooth 4

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  1. I noticed it has an optical port.

    will the sound not go through the tvs optical port if the optical speakers cable are connected to tv instead of this box?

  2. I loved your reviews and bought this model last year after watching here. But now Youtube TV app requires an update but doesn't update. Playstore gives incompatible error. Can you help? @Chigz Tech Reviews

  3. Hello, I will need your technical support.  My daughter has something unintentionally printed on the remote and since then I have no sound.  On the left side of the screen is a sign for speakers.  I tried everything, including reset, settings, but I can not do it.  

    Ask for the help!


    (H96 pro+  4k ultra HD TV box)

  4. Chigz I love all the reviews. When Im looking at new android boxes I use your testing videos as guides. Keep up the good work!

    I would like to ask a question of you. With these new boxes with built in storage of 16gb or more…there doesnt seem to be a a way to set up kodi to directly download to an external hard drive? At least I cant figure it out. Im fairly competent with the boxes..however..this is one mystery I cant solve. I have a 2 tb external drive that I would like to download directly too from within Kodi. I cant seem to send the files anywhere othetmr than the emulated/ external storage…which of course we all know is not external storage…its the internal box storage.

    Can you show me how to set up to download directly to an external hard drive? Or is there no way to do it?
    Are we stuck with copy/paste from the box storage to the external drive?

  5. Hey chigz first of all ur best reviewer of Android tv boxes on YouTube ..I had some questions plz answer
    1- h96 pro plus worth buying in 2019?
    2- which is better h96 pro+ or h96 max?

    Thanxx in advance.


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