5 Best Gaming Laptop in 2019

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👉Dell G5 – Best Gaming Laptop under 1000 –
👉Acer Predator Helios 300 –
👉Alienware Gaming AW17R5 – Best Gaming Laptop under 1500 –
👉MSI GS65 Stealth –
👉Razer Blade 15 – Best Overall Gaming Laptop –

We have just laid out the five best gaming laptops on the market today. In 5th place is the Dell G5587, which is the best laptop under 1000. It features a very powerful processor and beautiful display that will satisfy your gaming needs.
In 4th place we have the Acer Predator Helios 300, which is completely VR-ready and has a refresh rate that is more than a little impressive.
The Alienware Gaming AW17405SLV-PUS comes in at 3rd place as the best gaming laptop under 1500. You get some very powerful specs and lots of connectivity options for a very reasonable price.
The MSI GS65 Stealth THIN-051 comes in at second place because of its durable design, speedy processor and highly detailed pictures. It is a great choice for those who can afford to spend a bit more on their gaming machine.
In first place we have the Razer Blade 15. Razer is a company that is known for making high-quality gaming laptops, and this one is no different. It offers impressive performance with an 8th-generation Intel Core processor, as well as a full HD screen with a very slim bezel.
If you are looking for a solid gaming laptop, we highly recommend that you take a close look at these five options before making a choice.

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  1. I want a laptop because my phone cant do some things a computer can and my xbox is getting boring. I dont have much experience with computers. I want a laptop that can game pretty good and do omost anything im also a really organized person.

  2. Asus republic of gamers laptops are the best, I got a couple months before SWTOR launched, it was so fast it was like have two computers, it wouldn't slow down the game down, with graphics on high, when I hooked up a second monitor for web browsing, it was a beast, it still is, I'm using it now, runs great, I love it so much, I hope I go before it does.

  3. Lol the best under 1000 is lenovo legion y540 because he has 9th gen intel core i7 and GTX 1650 For just 965$ and you play fortnite with 300fps on lowest setting and on highest you play on 80/100


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