8 Best Android Music Player Apps For 2021 | Best MUSIC APPS for FREE

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here are 8 Best Android Music Player Apps For 2021
Music Player Go

If you like the idea of using a local music player that’s keen on open source, Music Player Go proudly waves the flag. The app is powered by Kotlin, and because it’s consistently updated by the developer, Music Player Go plays nice with Android 10 and 11’s scoped storage. You can grab Music Player Go from F-Droid, the open-source Android app store, or sideload it directly from GitHub.

8 Best Android Music Player Apps For 2021 | Best MUSIC APPS for FREE

Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp is as powerful as its name suggests. Along with playing a myriad of local music file types, it lets you import HTTP streams from sites like Digitally Imported. It offers Android Auto, Chromecast, and Google Assistant support to bridge the gaping hole left by Play Music’s untimely departure. Bass heads can adjust the bass and treble from a decidedly user-friendly equalizer interface, and there is even Direct Volume Control (DVC) for extended dynamic range and deeper bass. If you want to listen to music loudly from your phone, you can select the “Speaker (Loud)” setting in the equalizer to rapidly increase the gain and get loud results.

Omnia Music Player

Omnia looks like a Plain Jane on the outside, but inside it’s a full-featured music player with a strong emphasis on music playback. It’s the sister application to Pulsar Music Player, also on this list.

8 Best Android Music Player Apps For 2021 | Best MUSIC APPS for FREE

Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player is the sister app to Omnia Music Player, but its focus is on aesthetics. Choose Pulsar if you’re looking for a capable music player that lets you match its color scheme to the rest of your highly customized interface. The Pulsar interface is the same Material Design look as Omnia, but with a ton of dark and light color presets to choose from provided you pay the $1.99 for Pulsar Pro or subscribe through Google Play Pass. You can customize each of the themes, selecting colors for up to six different interface elements.

VLC for Android

Traditionalists love VLC for Android for its reliable simplicity and tons of utility. Those of you looking for something design-forward will find not much here besides a very barebones, no guff kind-of music playing experience. On the plus side, you can include video in your music playback.


If you’re keen on playlists and all that matters in your music life is the order in which you listen to songs, try out AIMP. This app’s primary focus is quick access to the lists you rely on to get you through your day-to-day. And though playlists exist on every other music player app featured here, the playlists you make in AIMP are embedded directly into the hamburger menu. Dig into the settings, and you’ll find options for theming, gesture control, and even choosing the criteria displayed in the file name during playback. And if what you love to do is listen to those playlists while driving, AIMP has Android Auto support.

Simple Music Player

There’s a reason K.I.S.S. stands for “keep it simple, stupid.” Keeping it simple helps remove the chances of complications. And in the case of Simple Music Player, keeping it simple means focusing on local music playback.

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