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$8 Bluetooth? Cheap Aux Port BLUETOOTH ADAPTER "Review"

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Today, I take you guys along and review this cheap little bluetooth adapter for the auxiliary 3.5mm jack in your car! For only $8, it was worth a try, and I was actually pretty surprised by it! Thanks for watching, and enjoy 😀
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  1. The plan was to release this video Monday or Tuesday, unfortunately my camera that I've been using for over 3.5 years finally died on me, and I lost some footage too 🙁 but I'm glad I could publish this one! May have a little bonus video out between now and Sunday, too ;D thanks as always for your support!! Y'all rock!

  2. Even in my 2015 Acadia I don’t have Bluetooth.. I’m looking for something simple without ugly dangling wires and I can’t for the life of me find something. I get it though, in 2021 what car doesn’t have a Bluetooth..

  3. Im gonna buy this kit because i javr no blutooth recption in my car and i hate cables whenever i connect my phone to the usb port it gets disrupted to the slightest move of the car and its driving me insane.. thanks for the demo,not sure how this device will work during phone calls im referring to the sound quality but nevertheless i guess its a great alternative to avoid usb cables and phone disconnecting

  4. Good, I'm testing the very same stuff. Now, try listening to some real music… hey, but I have no issues with the PT Cruiser, so don't call me a hater; It is just that I can't agree with everything.

  5. I've read that you can use this with headphones and speakers.
    Bully connecting your wired headphones to this they become wireless bluetooth headphones.
    Is that true?

  6. Does the blue tooth connect each time you enter the car with your phone or do you have to reconnect it to your phone via Bluetooth every single time you enter your car

  7. Imo, you are better off just using a dual stereo end cable to connect your phone to the car radio, because the phone's battery will last longer. That's why cell phone manufacturers tell you to turn off the BT and wifi connections if you are not using them (ie, they both use more battery power).


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