Best Antivirus for Android 2021 (New) // Top 5 Great Picks!

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#5 Trend Micro (no discount) Trend Micro Mobile Security ⏩ SUBSCRIBE: This video covers the five best Android …

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  2. The thing between all the antivirus software is there one that's better than all them then it loses the top spot then you wonder witch one actually does its job and witch one are overstating what they do

  3. I have a question, you see, I don't really care about the ads, I just don't want to get a virus, (so I'm fine with the free versions) but picture this: you download one of these free antivirus apps, and then you use your search engine, Google, Cake, duckduckgo (I mostly use duckduckGo) and then you go on a website that is known for giving malware to its users (kisscartoon for example, has ads that contain malware) if I click on those ads, will my phone and Gmail account be fucked? I'm looking for an alternative to safely browse through the internet without having to pay for anything

  4. Hey there, There are a lot of protection programs out there, and this really confuses me, and I do not know which programs to use Given your experience in the field, you want to tell me which of these applications are the best, because I see that we evaluate them on Google Play very soon, so your opinion matters to me
    (Norton , AVG , Kaspersky, Avira )
    I hope to answer me plz. And thank u 🙏🏼


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