Best Antivirus for Windows 10 (New) | Top Paid & Free Picks for PCs (2021)

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Looking for the best antivirus for Windows 10? Here’re the best antivirus for 2021 👇 (official links)
🥇 #1: Get Bitdefender (50% off):
🥈 #2: Get McAfee (50% off):
🥉 #3: Get Norton (70% off):
👉 #4: Get Kaspersky (40% off):
👉 #5 Get BullGuard (40% off):


We highly recommend a premium AV product for complete digital protection & peace of mind. But if you don’t have the budget, here are the best free antivirus software for Windows 10 PCs in 2021:

👉 #1 Bitdefender Free:
👉 #2 Kaspersky Free:
👉 #2 Avira Free Antivirus (no link)

We have ranked and rated each antivirus software on five different criteria. These are Features, Anti-Malware Protection, System Performance, User Interface and Pricing. We also examined the recent independent lab tests conducted by AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. The researchers at these reputable organizations regularly run comprehensive tests to determine the protection and performance levels of all the top antivirus brands out there.

★★★What’s the Top Antivirus for Windows 10?★★★

Overall, Bitdefender is our #1 antivirus pick these days because it offers excellent, flawless anti-malware detection without putting a burden on system performance. It consistently gets exceptional scores in all independent tests and it’s products, especially premium suites — represent exceptional value for money.

Bitdefender Total Security is our recommended product. With just a single license of this suite, you can protect up to five devices, including PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices.

👉 Get Bitdefender Total Security here (50% off):

If you have more than five devices in your household, Bitdefender Family is the best option for you.

👉 Get Bitdefender Family Pack here (50% off):

★★★Why do I need antivirus protection for my computer?★★★

According to reliable statistics, there is a malware attack every 39 seconds. According to SonicWall, the global malware volume hit 10 billion last year. Similarly, 187.7 million ransomware attacks, 40.8 million web app attacks and 4 trillion intrusion attempts were also recorded last year.

According to Forbes, the cybercrime damages will cost the world a whopping $6 trillion a year by 2021.

So it’s critical to have reliable antivirus protection if you want to keep your computer and other internet-capable devices free from malicious programs and hackers.

★★★What’s the difference between premium & free antivirus products?★★★

Premium products come with a slew of advanced features and utilities that you won’t get with a freeware. These include a file shredder, multi-layered ransomware protection and web protection, a full-fledged password manager, a useful system optimizer, parental controls, encrypted storage, a VPN utility, and more.

The free versions aren’t as sophisticated as the premium ones when it comes to anti-malware protection. But most free solutions out there do offer a bare minimum level of antivirus coverage.

Which antivirus software do you use & what do you like about it? Leave us a comment down below.

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  1. These Antivirus sucks and not really worth paying for. Do not bother watching this video and Bitdefender as your #1 sorry Bitdefender is trash and doesn't do it job properly and in fact it makes changes to your PC without your consent and eventually you will have more trouble in the long run. If you prefer or recommend Bitdefender that is your choice I wouldn't recommend it and when you find your self having to restore or factory restore or restoring to a previous date and even finding your self trying to fix issue that your Bitdefender caused than you know why.

    Norton – This one here uses too much CPU usage and is really hard on the PC + with the LifeLock package I still wouldn't recommend this. (Norton acts more like a virus and entrenches itself deep into your system. The software will do more harm to your PC than good and when you to to remove it, it leaves behind over 375 traces in your registry files/folders and subsystem. You have to download their removal tool just to get it off of your system.) So are you paying something to protect you or paying something that will eventually destroy your PC? Because Memory (GPU) Processor (CPU) SSD and HDD are not always cheap and you need these for your PC to run and if these fail or when you turn your PC or laptop on and you get a message (Boot device not found Please install an operation system ) most likely your hard drive has gone bad and though people will say if that happen throw it out and purchase a new PC.

    My opinion is buying a new computer or a new laptop cost money and money you may not even have and even if you buy new computer / laptop there is a new virus name and it may not be (new, new) however it may be new to some who may never heard of it which is called "Bloatware" and for those who don't know what that is or what it does you can search it up but this should give you a little idea of what Bloatware is.

    (Windows 10
    Crapware (also known as "bloatware" or "junkware") is the stuff that hardware makers install onto their devices on top of the operating system.) so why pay for another computer that now don't get me wrong if you need a new PC or a new laptop by all means go buy one now back to (If this happen throw it our and Purchase a new PC) Well depending on what wrong if it says (Boot device not found Please install Operation system) This can be easily fix and a lot cheaper than having to purchase a new computer or laptop.

    So in order to fix that is you will need a Windows Recovery .ISO with either Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 installed. Now Windows 7 and Windows 8 you probably need a product key.
    Windows 10 Offer free and does not required a product key from what I read and you can upgrade to a license copy after you installing it and if you wondering how long you can use it without a product key. One month which isn't to bad than having to have a product key right than and there.

    So what if your PC / Laptop has no DVD / CD-Drive or maybe you do but corrupted or may be broken well if that is the case you can use a USB Flash Drive and the best idea is to always have a USB Flash Drive with a recovery because it will save you a lot of time and money instead of having to take it to a tech and being charge $300 and the only problem was having to reinstall Windows. Sorry but that is a scam and a rip off. There is video and Tutorial on how you can reinstalled Windows and depend on type of PC you have (HP, Lenovo, Asus) you will need to know your BIOS F keys and Recovery F keys or Boot F keys so that you can change your Boot Device. If you using a USB you will need to change the Boot To USB. If I haven't mention I will now. As long the HDD / SSD is in working state and there is nothing wrong with it than all you basically need to do is reinstall Windows 10 or whichever OS that suits you. If your HDD is bad than I recommend getting a new HDD and you can probably find one cheap like a 1 TB. So what if you don't have a recovery Windows on my USB Flash Drive or a alternative solution like a second PC or Second laptop and your stuck with one PC or one laptop and you don't have a USB Flash Drive. Well you could ask a friend or a neighbor if you can borrow theirs and see if they have a Recovery USB Flash Drive you can borrow or you can buy a 32 or 64 USB flash drive and the only thing you will need to borrow is a PC or Laptop and another solution you could purchase a recovery USB flash drive off of Amazon. Now would people recommend it well depend but if anything you can always read the review however you may be better off buying a USB Flash Drive and installing a recovery on that USB Flash Drive which will save you money. Now if the HDD / SSD and everything else is bad than you basically will have to breakdown and buy a new laptop or PC.

    The funny thing is that this video didn't even mention Avast and everyone should know Avast and if you wanna go cheap remember that Windows 10 has a built in Antivirus Defender and the AV also claim it passed 6 / 6 which should you really trust that result? I don't know probably not lol. Also every PC and laptop has a Firewall built in and for those who never used a computer a laptop or never heard of this well if you right click on start > search type in Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall > Advanced Settings or you can just type in "Firewall" You can edit and block application. Add Ports and thing like that however be careful with what you block as you may just block yourself from using the Wi Fi or Internet but still a good tool to play with and learn and not just that it basically free. Now if you do not have a Windows 10 OS and you stuck using the old windows defender than it may be best for you to find a good Antivirus however before you decide to choose what this video recommend go do your research on them. Now if your in the US and you looking to install Kaspersky, Kaspersky has been banned in the US. However I wouldn't recommend Norton and Definitely not Bitdefender.

    Whichever the case I knew some who had problem with Bitdefender and couldn't use their PC and the PC started acting weird and it was a new PC and the only thing was installed was Bitdefender so I highly would not recommend installing it and if you never had issue or problem or if your just curious to try it out and you end up liking it than however that your choice.

    Just to say (Do not believe this video and rather if what I said is right or accurate or not and may have left some thing out and there always good idea out there. I would honestly recommend you doing your research on these antivirus look at the Pros and the Cons). Now I know people may say don't get antivirus and maybe that true however you do need something that will help you but your better off doing research before trusting there product that is if that the route you wanna take and what I mean is trust your instinct. But PLEASE do not trust or rely on this video do your research and Thank me later.

  2. when it was windows xp time, I still remember all antivirus failed me except Kaspersky ( and norton was the worst I've ever experience, such a trash). since then became a huge fan, as the Kaspersky internet security for 1 year only costs 8.2 dollars in my country, I just love it.

  3. C'mon, this is one giant ADVERTISMENT… BitDefender, like, rulez? And McAfee??? Be serious, you even said you spent HOURS of research. What, you installed each and looked at pricing? I've tested like 10 in at least 6 months regular usage on work, done stress-test and resource usage at home… Yes, including bloody BitDefender – slows computer to the crawl, many false positives (one year at work). Kaspersky (widely regarded as hog but reliable comes FOURTH? 1.5 years at work, few months at home). Nobody uses that Bullfrog-whathaveyou, so you know…
    And SERIOUS testing is done by, like 2-3 companies at the world, because you need 200,000 test malware samples… You, should I even say it, haven't used vb100, but some 1-6 rating (well, I usually go by vb100, but no way 1-6 system is more precize).

  4. Norton Sucks big time. Slows down my computer like crazy. It took an extra 30 secs to load my browser! Got rid of it and boom. Almost instant access!

  5. As you guys and gals reminisce you tragic moments of antivirus bloopers; I’m eating popcorn and watching “The Matrix” movies trying to see if “I’m the next NEO!”😂


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