Best Laptops for Programmers 2020

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Indepth guide of how to pick a laptop for software development. As a professional programmer for over a decade, I talk about what specifically you should look …

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  1. get a laptop with ryzen 4800h or 5800h cpu and full hd matte screen.
    amd cpus have better performance and are cheaper than intel ones.
    so macbooks with glossy screens are out.
    gpu is unimportant (anything works such as nvidia 1650) unless you do game programming or video rendering.

    ram and ssd can be changed afterwards but 16 gb ram with 512 gb ssd space is ok.
    you can use linux for c/c++/javascript/java/python/.net core development.
    so freedos is ok most of the time; you can get ubuntu/linux mint/debian/fedore etc, it's up to you.
    prefer to pay for the intellij idea to use on linux; than getting a windows os.

  2. Have a MB pro 16" i7 32GB for work but hate it though. The touch bar for example it gets always in the way, just the slightest touch (nopun) and siri goes off. Keyboard is shit. Also every time an application starts it will phone home to check whether it should start the software. Slows everything down. The fan is annoyingly loud and runs constantly. Screen is great though.

  3. For anyone who want to learn web development but you're on a tight budget, latest gen of i3 processor with 8gb ram is sufficient. But if you have more money, upgrade to ssd for convenience. If you have medium budget go for i5, 16gb ram with ssd. Once you make money, hopefully you can buy what this guy suggest.

  4. Hey Josh, Do you suppose Windows 10 OS installed on a MacBook Pro machine (2019 model) via Bootcamp would work with software like python, etc, and also run R, tableau, BI, and ML programs, etc efficiently?

  5. I would say the Macbook Pro fails on two accounts:
    1: Not packing a great keyboard. Yes, it's not bad for a consumer laptop. But for working with it 8+ hours a day?
    2: The palmrest is far less comfortable than on most other laptops.

    Maybe it's just me being old and cranky, but designers of today should really spend more time looking back in time, when "thinner and moar aluminum" wasn't the only design consideration.

  6. Your video wasn't detailled enough and it is kind of vague.
    And I think it is based more on a particular region rather than a general point of perspective.

  7. I work in a scientific field where most applications are developed and run with Linux. The main issue with Linux is that if you buy a state-of-the-art laptop that has just been released, Linux may not work properly because some software or driver may not yet have been updated to work with the latest hardware. A few years ago I got issued with a really powerful HP ZBook but we just could not get some Linux components to install properly – sigh 🙁

  8. Anyone want to rank the laptops recommended for programming here for programming AND content creation in 2021, but using a Ryzen of some sort for best power usage off-grid? Like many others I will need both functions well covered and can't have more than one laptop — it might even have to be a used one, but there's some great deals on older models right now. I'm also considering building an LFP or LTO battery briefcase version using a small desktop motherboard that can also do Arduino-like controller and electronics development and contains two monitors made from old laptops I have plus full-size keyboard, mouse, pen, headphones, and speakers. Content creation for me is music, art, and video, open source programming, and electromechanical design. Thoughts?

    Some of my music (completed version coming soon):

  9. Do you think that the Acer Aspire 5, 17 inch would be a good laptop for programming?
    some specs:
    i7 11gen
    16gb ram
    1tb ssd
    16:9 picture format
    1920×1080 full HD

  10. I got concerned initially about color accuracy after some laptop reviews, later realized all the colors i use on a laptop can fit in 3-4 bits😅😅😅


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