Don't buy an anti-virus in 2020 – do THIS instead!

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Anti-virus is non-negotiable but you can get your anti-virus for FREE in 2020!
If you run a Windows 10 computer, then you have the option to stop paying for your anti-virus as Windows 10 actually comes with a free anti-virus and malware protection. It is called Windows Defender and is part of Windows Security and all you have to do is activate it.
Here’s how you can enable yours on your Windows 10 computer.

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  1. who uses antivirus in 2020? that was a thing back in 2000 if you arent stupid and dont click fishy links all you literally need is windows deffender i havent used antivirus for atleast 15 years and my pcs never had a problem with viruses

  2. Windows constant scans are so invasive that I can't even run Diablo 2, a 20 year old game on a 3 year old machine. Anything Microsoft offers is trash.

  3. The thing is that other Antiviruses are more advanced and can catch more complicated malware and has a better firewall. But for average users windows defender works. But I do think that antiviruses are still worth it.
    But good video anyways😀

  4. Yeah, maybe do a Google search before trusting Windows Defender to be your sole protection. Try, for example, '2021 windows defender vs. (free version of your favorite av software here – I used avast, and no, I'm not employed by nor paid by avast or anyone else's software.)' and read through the results.
    While I do appreciate tech channels, and have found some nice things through some of them, never ever take any one person's opinions as fact until you do your own due diligence. After all, it's YOUR data that's at stake.
    Now, that being said, windows defender has indeed come a very long way from its beginnings, but still do some research on Google or your favorite search engine.

  5. The Worst AV… He stopped several of my essential programs. I put those programs in his exclusion list, but it wasn't worth it. Incredibly boring AV, which is hard to work with on a PC …

  6. Wanna bet that when the next viral malware or ransomware will hit the internet many of those who use only Windows Defender will be very, very sad?

  7. I did the same. I gave up on my paid anti virus software. Since the last 6 years or so, Defender got very good and up to par. At first it was only a basic malware defence program. Now it is a full blown protection software. Like any of these virus scanners, not all are perfect all the time.

    MS is giving away Defender for free to slow down the spreading of viruses and malware between the users. Many people were not wanting to pay for virus protection. There were many people working with under par free protection software, and many who did not have any protection software installed.

    There were many thousands of computers having hundreds of malware installed, and spreading it around. Now with Defender coming pre-installed in to Win 10 this has been very strongly helping the issue.

    If someone is still running Win 7 which everyone should be off of it, I believe there is a free install of Defender from the MS site. Using Win 7 on the net is very risky since there are no longer any bug fixes and no longer any protection fixes being issued. The exception is if the user has an enterprise version or corporate server of Win 7 and has bought extended support. Very expensive and there is a minimum of licenses that must be purchased.

  8. Are you gonna point out in some way that Windows Defender has been rated worst Antivirus by the german "Stiftung Warentest" recently? Also you are gonna feed Microsoft loads of Data already by having Cortana and other stuff enabled, why feed them even more with their antivirus

  9. Kaspersky and Bitdefender are far superior products. I but the at local computer outlets dirt cheap as they are always on sale 4-5 time a year. I bought a 3 yr subscription for Bitdefender Internet Security a few months ago for $30.00 CAN and it supports 3 devices.

  10. Windows defender are awful it can't detect packed or similar malware and miners and it's firewall can be baypassed by the malware easily and it can be closed via the registery buy an anti virus or use free one just don't use windows defender. Editing: and btw even if you don't click on ads you may click on it by accident and that link can exploit vunrability in the browser that will download the malware and execute it (drive-by-download).

  11. Hi, my 'controlled folder access' is turned off. Should I turn it on, or leave it as is? Is OneDrive protecting files instead? It is mentioned as a place to recover them.

  12. Great channel, just joined. Windows Defender assisted me more than a decade ago when I had a malware attach that attached itself to the registry. There were seven locations and Windows Defender removed all 7 "contaminants".

  13. Personally I use bitdefender free antivirus and it works quite good and it has even blocked some sites that windows defender was not able to block

  14. Antivirus is always the LAST line of your defense. You should take care of protecting your system BEFORE bad stuff lands on your system, which is taken care of by those Internet Security Packages. That's exactly what you need. Stop focusing on Antivirus only. It's not 1993.


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