EARBUDS AWARDS 2020 [The Very Best True Wireless Earbuds] – AirPods vs Galaxy Buds vs Jabra vs …

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These are my Top 7 True Wireless Earbuds you can get in 2020. With impressive competition, this was no easy choice!

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—-WHERE TO FIND THE EARBUDS—– (Sales & Latest Prices)

*Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus*

*Samsung Galaxy Buds Live*

*Samsung Galaxy Buds (Cheapest!)*

*Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2*

*Sennheiser CX 400BT*

*Jabra Elite 85t*

*Jabra Elite Active 75t*

*Sony WF-XB700*

*Bose QuietComfort Earbuds*

*AirPods Pro*

*Surface Buds*

*TicPods ANC*

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Galaxy Buds Plus
Galaxy Buds Live
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2
Sennheiser CX-400BT
Jabra Elite 85t
Jabra Elite Active 75t
Sony WF-XB700
Bose QuietComfort Earbuds
Surface Earbuds
TicPods ANC


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0:00 The Categories
1:55 Best Bass
3:25 Best Call Quality
4:18 Best Active Noise Cancellation
5:55 Best Sound Quality
7:00 Best for workouts
9:20 Best Comfort
10:21 Best Overall

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  1. Thanks for watching! Please remember to subscribe if you like this style of video!
    —- WHERE TO FIND THE EARBUDS —– (Sales & Latest Prices)

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

    Samsung Galaxy Buds (Cheapest!)

    Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

    Sennheiser CX 400BT

    Jabra Elite 85t

    Jabra Elite Active 75t

    Sony WF-XB700

    Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

    AirPods Pro

    Surface Buds

    TicPods ANC

    Which do you like best?? Comment below! And please remember to subscribe if you liked the video!

    We aim to test as many devices as possible to help you make decisions with confidence. To make this possible, many of these product links direct you to our partners (such as Amazon). This does not influence our evaluations and costs absolutely nothing to you! To learn more, please read the description of this video.

  2. The jabra elite series has always been one of my favorites since the original 65t. Sound quality is good, they stay in good, they get loud enough. Good for loud and busy workdays (construction warehouse work) good battery life

  3. I don’t understand the love for the Sennheisers. I compared them to a lot of the same buds in here, including some others and they don’t stand up IMO.

  4. Omg your ears must be broken if u say jabra has the best ANC. And they dont. Bose has the best ANC on the market as well the best sound even without New codecs like aptx. This Video is so manipulated… Thumb down

  5. Quick question… why are you lying to us? I got the samsung galaxy buds plus despite the bad reviews because of your videos and they don’t work. I see you have an affiliate link for that one so I assume you profit. I tried connecting these crappy earbuds for 15 mins before they connected and then they didn’t work! They played nothing but static when I tried to play AC Valhalla. These things are somehow worse than Raycons.

  6. My son pinches my melomania and leaves his Airpod pro on the shelf. He said the Airpod pro sound quiet and hollow after trying my melomania. I tried them and I cannot believe how highly people rate Airpod pro ,they sound bang average and have no warmth,power or emotion. They just sound hollow. I tried Jabra 85 ,senn ct400 and the Sony but the melomania are easily the top pair.

  7. I just bought a Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless incredibly for $50 but what I don't understand is why on the Sennheiser website this are more expensive than the second version? Any thoughts?

  8. Hi Mike? Ethan from the homes & garden magazine 's best sub seller- "our safe homes, and our ears. after our significant other beat us into the sides of our heads, rupturing our eardrums w/ a hammer. incidentally due to undercooked meat." here thanks just curious… Will, will all of the earbuds get a chance to go into the mulch for your plant? Or is that just special tears? And if so when will that happen could we have a scheduling to that we are here and ready to go to take photographs of the display with the other earbuds in the soil is well Michael? Is it gonna be coming up? will you be getting us giving us a schedule or NOT HMMM, Mike? after this is over?

  9. I disagree that Jabra has the best ANC. On your other video you were testing them outside, next to the busy road, and they were not cancelling much noise. Can you please do a test next to the busy road so that we can see it ourselves?


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