How to Choose the BEST Android Browser for Privacy & Security!

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Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Bromite, DuckDuckGo, Tor, which is best for security and privacy?! This video explores your different options on Android for web …

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  1. Whichever browser you choose, just don't use Firefox on Android, gecko is just horrible in security as it provides absolutely no site isolation on Android version, its sandboxing is also weak compared to chromium

  2. If you get tor u will need a vpn & grab a cheap mask for for your own protection.even chrome is not safe & the other web is a completely different world.set up a finger print when u access information.

  3. I already tested out Brave, it is laggy af. Duckduckgo is perfect, but the download function doesnt work and you can't change privacy settings. Firefox Beta is the best browser with the most and best settings and features, but the download function also doesn't work well and is much slower than duckduckgo (it takes 3 sec. For duckduckgo to load a page, while firefox beta takes 13-20sec on the Note 10+.

    And now im out of option…
    Why do browsers suck so much on Android

  4. Brave for accounts, Firefox Focus for casual searches, and WebApps from F-Droid for social media. When it comes to browsers or privacy in general, as your video covers, the browser(s) you use depends on your threat model.

  5. I do like Brave. Adblocking and background playing are very useful. It good on PC either, using it in combo with ducgduckgo, which already has been my default search engine for five years.

  6. To put it on folks' radars to consider … Iridium Browser is a Chromium browser I've been using without issue for my google services.
    I have a few add-ons for some hardening. Needed to turn off Google SafeBrowsing.
    Typically, its updates come out a little behind the Chromium releases FYI.

  7. Isn't kiwi a good browser? Was on Brave but it was becoming progressively slower with just a few tabs and would freeze up randomly, but kiwi doesnt have any problem even with 40 tabs open..

  8. I'm a dinosaur, trying to figure this stuff out, but now I feel like the penguin in the icon 🙄 ok so far, visit one wrong site you been trying to avoid using the wrong browser once, and you just blew any privacy you were looking forward to having all too hell? Ya?

  9. I have marketplace apps on my phone, and I try DuckDuckGo browser to access facebook. But sometimes there's ads from the marketplace apps show on facebook.

    Can anyone explain, why this is happen ?

  10. ´◔‿ゝ◔`)━☞ Do a factory reset on your phone then install Aptoide and reboot/restart your phone then install whatever apps, vpns, browser etc.. now you have the apps you want WITHOUT having your email/gmail/play store in your phone, then go to play store on Android and " turn off " play protect… Also go to settings and turn on unknown sources to install apps NOT from play store. If you need to check your email go through your browser, never keep your email ' live ' & open.
    Install a good " Data wipe " and clean your phone occasionally.

  11. Why is Opera not even mentioned? I tried so many browser but Opera is the best. Have buttons in the best places and the functionality is better than all others. There is also adblock

  12. My Setup

    – "Firefox" for personal accounts
    – "Firefox Beta" for productivity accounts (Todoist, Notion, Zapier, IFTTT)
    – "Firefox Nightly" for social media accounts
    – "Any Chromium-based browser" for logging into Google Play services and game accounts that are linked to Google (Epic Games, Riot Games)
    – "Another Chromium-based browser with privacy features (Brave, Vivaldi)" for multimedia and file downloading
    – "Firefox Focus/Klar" for opening links (set as default browser).
    – "Tor Browser" – as my main web browser (and also my browser to open onion links)


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