How To Create/Make Facebook Avatar On Android Mobile & ios

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This tutorial is about how to make your own avatar in facebook.

In few days back this is disappeard/missing in india, uk, canada and philippines, but now a days visible in all country.

But if you’re accessing this facebook webpage via your google chrome or any other web browser via your pc/laptop this update is not working.

Some user’s are raising one question after update this app this setting not showing up in my application.

My answer is you can activate it by using that three methods and here i show the steps by use my samsung galaxy phone.

Always use 2021 released new update of mobile app on your android phone, ios iphone, ipad and tablet.

This video has english subtitle at same time tamil, kaise kare hindi, kaise banaye telugu, kannada and malayalam region people’s are can easily understand it.


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how to create facebook avatar of yourself :

1.Today this fb release one of the new feature and this is called as avatar sticker.

2.So if you like to get this stickers just follow me friends.

3.Before going to edit your avatar profile first of all how to enable this update?.

4.Just search avatar and then click to open facebook avatars.

5.Second method is just goto your profile section and then press “See more” option.

6.Third method is if any one of your facebook friend share their sticker, in this section just press “Try it” link.

7.Once your editing process is completed and then click to upload or post it on your timeline.

8.At same time this is not available for your messenger app and fb lite.

9.And don’t download any sticker pack via play store.

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