I Tried Hacking a Bluetooth Speaker…

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NOTE: This video was made for educational purposes only. All activities shown in this video are demonstrated for educational and informative learning.

I finally got around to infecting a bluetooth speaker with Dee Boo Dah. This time I work on building a program or method which allows me to hijack the current bluetooth session and send my own music through the stream. I failed my initial attempt, but was able to force my way into the speaker.

📝 Resources Mentioned:
(Video Idea Inspiration): Bluetooth Speakers flaw lets hackers hijack speakers:
BlueZ and A2DP Play with PulseAudio Server:
Getting Started with Raspberry Pi 4:
PACTL Man Page:
BTProxy Open Source Tool:
Internal Blue:

💻 Gear Used:
Raspberry Pi 3B+ Starter Kit:
JBL Flip 4:

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🎧 Gear:
Laptop (Lenovo X1 Carbon Ultrabook):
Monitors (Dell D Series 31.5” D3218HN):
Keyboard (Velocifire VM01):
Headphones (Audio Technica ATH-M40x):


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  1. Hey bro
    Totaly liked your video and just subscribed to you….
    Can you pls make a video to find the location of a mobile number without sending any links…..Thank you💗

  2. The only problem is that they must be in discoverable mode to find the address. Other than that, well done. If anyone knows how to find the address while the speaker is running (not in discoverable mode), let us know.

  3. Can you please tell (and if yes, how) if it is possible to do all of this from a rooted android phone running kali nethunter. (I am assuming, that it will work but can't test myself since i dont want to root my main phone)

  4. Summary for computer guys:
    scan on
    // grep ip address of the speaker
    connect $speaker_ip_address

    This assumes there is no security measures applied on the spekar, not even a password.

  5. As i understood 😁 you just connected via terminal and changed music 😂
    It doesn't differ from connecting via phone.
    I thought you would have interacted without touching.

  6. The JBL Flip 4 Speaker supports 2 A2DP Sources at the same time. So essentially you put the speaker in discoverable mode and just connect and make a second BT connection. You could just open vlc on pi and then it will stream music to the speaker, it will throw the it to its audio route i.e the speaker. How is this hacking a bluetooth speaker ?

  7. You did nothing you did not hack it…. When the Bluetooth speaker is pair with phone you must press the search button to allow connection from different source like normal phone……

  8. hey mate
    you stated earlier that you can actually change the song but seeing the whole video , I think it is a little bit lame concept because of availabilty of a laptop or pc nearby….. otherwise the video was fantastic /….. keep up the good work….


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