Plugged In, Not Charging Windows 10 Solution (2 Methods)

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Plugged In, Not Charging Windows 10 Solution. You will learn in this video, how to solve laptop battery issue which is plugged in but not charging. This video will explain 2 method or solution to solve plugged in, not charging problem in windows 10. Follow the steps in the video and fix the laptop battery not charging issue.

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  1. I think there’s some hiden settings in windows 10, because battery charge, but only when the laptop it’s in ideal mode, even starting browser trigers it & battery doesen’t charge, but as soon I close browser, games, battery starts charging

  2. Use The Last Method Only If You Can Remove Your Battery By Hand So You Don't Mess Up This Tip Saved My Pc Now It Charges Thank You Bloody Legend In Fact As A Gift Let's Give You Some Subs : )

  3. I spilled like a few drops into the battery charging slot…. does that have to do with anything with the laptop not chargingT_T? my laptop is at its 13% so i'm terrified to turn in on to do anything to it bc if i turn on and try to do anything im afraid the battery will run out and ill be soon not be able to do anythingT_T HELP! thx

  4. Idk why my laptop isnt charging its either the charger or the laptop
    But I think its the laptop because i use it alot and it gets hot and it probably fries the battery idk?


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