Test Your New Laptop!!! – ULTIMATE GUIDE

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Recently purchased or been given a new laptop? Here is my complete guide to check whether you got the perfect laptop or a dud Dead Pixel and Backlight …

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  1. I didn't knew that there are so many tests to be done on a new laptop. But its really amazing to watch the video and surely will try to perform most of the tests mentioned in the video.

  2. Hi I have the Legion 5 15ARH05 (AMD Ryzen 7 and RTX 2060) but when I go to the task manager performance I can only see 1 GPU. Is that normal?

  3. 💚Check SPECS ON BOX💚

    1)Record whole procedure

    2)check outer
    3) charger working or not
    4) turn on and SET up. First name last name bla bla
    5) 💚check specs most IMP 💚in computer after turning on
    💚 Right click on taskbar
    💚 Task manager + more details
    💚 Click performance
    6)check backlit keyboard carefully
    7)check how to turn off / on
    8)check Windows real or not
    💚💚💚a)this pc + properties💚💚💚
    B) windows is activated
    C) 30 days trial is fake
    9)check Wife by hotspot
    10) check bluetooth by earphones
    11) if possible check webcam and mic
    a)go to start + search camera
    B) check…record

    12) check Trackpad

    💚💚💚13) check keyboard 💚💚💚

    a) search keyboard Tester on Google
    b)open first link and launch the tester
    c)all keys must turn green

    13) screen bleeding test
    a) search it on Google and open first link and it should black fully

    14) Dead pixel test
    a) search it on Google and click first link
    b) screen should be fully white or diff color

    💚15)test speaker 💚
    a) google left right speaker test on YouTube

    16)check usb alllll ports.
    Check phone is charging or not


    18) Invoice most important keep it safe take pics

  4. Hey Josh, I am experiencing a strange thing on my new Acer Helios 300 (2020 version).

    1. When I plug in the AC adapter, I feel slight vibrations when I rub my finger on the laptop deck (which is made of aluminum). This happens only when I have it plugged, not on battery. It feels like I am rubbing my finger on a rubber. It's hard to describe. But I only experience it while rubbing on touching.
    2. When I plug in my headphones and not play any audio, I hear this faint high-pitched sound which stops at times with or without a light click and then starts again. This doesn't happen when I play an audio. The sound is very slight but quite uncomfortable.

    The thing is I am still eligible for a replacement but the replacement is very cumbersome as it can take more than a month here. Plus, I am eligible for only one replacement, so if I run into problems in the next unit, I would have only Acer's customer service at my disposal. Another thing is that this unit is perfect otherwise (no screen bleed at all, hard to believe, right?)
    Can you help me?


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