The best Bluetooth speaker (2016)

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The best portable bluetooth speakers can transform any situation — the beach, living room, kitchen, and, yes, even the shower — into a surprisingly good music experience. The problem: there’s too many to choose from, and only a select few are worth your cash. At around $100 to $250 bucks for a decent speaker, it’s not a trivial purchase. But there’s good news: your choice isn’t as hard as it sounds.


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UE Boom 2:
BeoPlay A1:
Beats Pill Plus:

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  1. I have personally heard how both the UE 2 and the Bose mini sound and man, I cannot express how more crisp, rich and bassy the Bose is! Plus, the JBL Charge 3 is also a better choice concerning the sound quality.

    I don't see how can one recommend the UE 2 if the guy is not paid!

  2. Can anyone here recommend what portable speaker(s) I should be looking for if I wanted to stream music from the desktop — ie, playing from an application like Winamp into the living room?

  3. i have bose soundlink mini2 and ue boom 1… overall i choose the my ue boom 1. and getting my girl a boom 2. the bose is good for inside a room, butthe boom can be good both indoors and outdoors.

  4. Personally I think the JBL Xtreme is the best Bluetooth speaker money can buy. You can get it for $200 now. I have 2 of them and they absolutely amazing when using JBL connect.

  5. Dear people who buy these! DOnt bring it to public spaces because 99% of the people around you will hate you for it and nobody cares about your shitty music.Keep it for yourself if you dont want to be in violent daydreams of getting shot by an ak47.

  6. How come you guys didn't look at ANY of the JBL speakers? JBL Charge 3 was out at the itme of this review. JBL Charge 3 obviously beats all of the speakers shown here in this price range.

  7. Disagree. I tried the UE Boom 2 and a few others and ended up buying a JBL Flip 3. It's been over a year and I couldn't be happier, also its $99. The only thing the UE has that the JBL doesn't is the waterproof. My speaker is "splash proof". Not sure what that's supposed to mean but I've taken it to the beach, had the butt end sit in a puddle, used it while I'm in the shower and no problems. Most importantly, the JBL packs way more bass and sound than the UE Boom2.

  8. I'm looking to get about 3 speakers. One portable that I can take on my fedex truck, one medium for my room and a large sized one, nothing over $200. I was looking to get the jbl charge 3 for my room and the xtreme for when I really wanna black some music. Any other recommendations? Jbl seems to be the go to speakers to be safe

  9. Best sounding ones I ve ever owned is the Envaya Mini (very clear and crisp) and JBL Extreme (unbelievably loud and clear). Most versatile and rugid is the Fugoo Tough. Ue boom 2 pales in comparison to both.


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