The Best Mouse for Laptops!

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The best laptop mice and mousepads I’ve used over the years.

MX Anywhere 2 –
MX Anywhere 2S –

MX Master –
MX Master 2S –

Razer Orochi –
Jetech –

Surface Mouse –
Sculpt Comfort –

Razer Kabuto / Goliath Pad –
3M Precise Mouse Pad –

Razer Mamba –

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  1. I was not expecting mx anywhere 2s is the number 1 cause i'm using it right now.. happy to know that i'm not wrong about choosing this mouse.. <3

  2. It's a very easy-to-understand video. I am editing a video using MX Master 2S. So it's easy to use. I'll come back again! With love from Japan 🙂

  3. I thought bluetooth has much more lag. Also, some complain of mice going to sleep and hitting a button to wake it up but accidentally messing up a project while doing so.

  4. when it comes to usb receiver dongles vs Bluetooth, the dongle is better for low latency, while Bluetooth has a bit higher latency than a dongle but is full wireless and better compatibility with devices (aka doesn't need a usb port). so its the decision of, use a dongle for low latency or Bluetooth for full wireless but a bit higher latency than the dongle.

  5. The great Microsoft mouse actually is the 3600 Bluetooth Mobile Mouse. It's the best mouse they have come up with in years. It also has a horizontal scroll/tilt wheel, looks great, comes with 3 colors, is Bluetooth, and doesn't have a useless Windows Start menu button. Using X-Mouse Button Control, you can reprogram the tilt wheel buttons.

  6. oh I felt a lack of particular details over these reviews. mx master 3 has a functionality that none of these mices has, the wheel is crazy, heavy, smooth, good feeling but at the same time this extra left feet makes it unusable by the left hand and it can get annoying. there is no mouse in the market today with such wheel and that is a shame.


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