The BEST Smartphone of 2020 🏆

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Welcome to the Top 9 Best Smartphones of 2020! For this video I tested over 100 devices from every major global manufacturer, including Samsung, Apple, …

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  1. Can‘t wait for the best phones in 2021 video 😎
    Although I probably won’t buy a phone that is your favorite since I have different interests in a phone than you do.
    I prefer compact but still strong phones. A good camera is nice but not mandatory. Thought the SE (2. Gen) is the only real compact and strong enough one until you showed in this video that the Iphone 12 Mini is actually smaller with an even bigger screen 🙈

  2. OMG. Popped up in the recommendation just when I thought i might have made a mistake after buying the 8t (obliviously due to the big hype for the OP 9 series). But this just made me soooooo happy. OP8T family, show some love.

  3. With the Poco and the Realmi, it was found that the company was spying and keeping user data. It was a huge scandal. I was LITERALLY going to get the Poco until I saw that.

  4. Call me old fashioned, but I still think it's weird spending 1000 bucks on something that will be dog shit in 3.5 years time…… Been buying flagships for over a decade… But now ? Meh….
    My note 8 has died… Gonna go retro and get the Xcover 5 …. Replaceable battery… Kiss my ass flagships 🙂

  5. Be nice to the iPhone SE That’s what I’m watching this video on so be nice to iPhone SE it has a decent battery and it’s a beautiful phone

  6. The iPhone SE 2020 is what I have and it’s actually pretty good phone it’s not about the same battery life as my moms and her phone is an iPhone 11

  7. No dedicated camera category?

    Any advice for phones with IP rating waterproof, etc and good manual camera? I'm trying to upgrade from LG G6 but the camera on this thing has been spoiling me for the last 3 years and being waterproof has been a life saver for someone that goes to the beach a lot.
    Budget under 500usd.

    Some advice please?


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