TOP 10 BEST iPhone Apps of 2021 !

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10 must have iPhone apps of 2021. 10 best apps that everyone should download on their iPhone in 2021. Must download iPhone apps that will add amazing new features to your iPhone.

10 best iPhone apps that you must download. Start 2021 by downloading these awesome iPhone apps on your device. To download these apps on your iPhone check the links in the pinned comment.


👉iOS 14 Tricks – You Will Actually USE:

👉iOS 14 Shortcuts – You MUST Have:

👉iOS 14 Custom Charging SOUND:

👉Top iOS 14 Automations:

👉Best iOS 14 Shortcuts:

👉Top 10 iOS 14 Widgets:

👉iOS 14 App Library – Tips & Tricks:

👉HIDDEN Features Coming to iOS 14:

👉Things You Didn’t Know iOS 14 Can Do:

👉New Apps You Must Download:

👉NEW iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know:

👉10 Apps You Never Heard Of:

👉Calibrated iPhone Battery:

👉iOS 14 Full Review: 300+ Features:

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  2. It you still won’t the best iPhone today and don’t won’t to pay a lot for it go get the XR you can’t go wrong with the XR and you will still love it.. I got my XR when it first came out and I’m still using my XR I’m holding up for about 1 to 2 more and then upgrade.

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  4. my honest recommendation is the iphoneXr really has an amazing camera especially if you use it for instagram, when you change the effects it's really great, but the best thing for me is the screen! the phone is not even expensive i have it. just look at that information here

  5. The weather channel is my favourite app since it has the best home screen widgets and I personally find their weather to be the most accurate. What are you guys' best apps on your iPhone? 🙂


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