Top 10 Most Useful Chrome Extensions Everybody Should Know!

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These are the Top 10 Chrome Extensions to use with your favorite Chromium based browser… Over the past few years, we’ve done several videos showing you …

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  1. No rainbows extension…

    No Bert and goo girl extension…

    No chromosome extension…

    No muppets extension…

    No Ernie either extension…

    No disinformation misinformation cacophony of bull extension…

    No purple unicron extension…

    No corrupting every second result with rainbows extension…

    No feeding me totally make believe posing as real news extension…

    No default settings evaeh extension…

  2. 'The Great Suspender' has been removed from the Chrome Web Store. At one time it used to be an excellent extension. Since this video was published, the extension has a new owner whose been accused of doing some shady stuff. Both Microsoft and Google have flagged the extension for malware… Use this instead

  3. you missed this

    – universal bypass – skips download waiting time and irritating captcha

    – SponsorBlock for YouTube – skips intro segment , ad segement in youtube video(including self promotion dialogues like, share and subscribe our video )

    available in chrome webstore

  4. here is list of my extensions :
    1.ublock origin/adblocker ultimate(ublock for lightweight and adblocker ultimate for clean) (you choose one)
    2.universall bypass(gotta get from website if you're using chrome/or any chromium engine type browser) to bypass all that 5s skip ads and redirect stuff
    3.greasmonkey/tampermonkey (add 'anti adblock killer' & 'adsbypass' script from greasfork or openuserjs)
    now you're good to go online

  5. Thank you! How about a tutorial specific to accessibility (readers, text enhancement, etc) extensions for Chrome? There isnt much out there that compiles the best of these extensions.

  6. Great video, TechGumbo! Another recommended resource I'd share is the free CatalyzeX browser extension to easily see code for ML papers anywhere online.

  7. sir do you have tutorial for SelectorsHub chrome extension? It is very much trending everywhere in software testing?

  8. Thank you! But…
    You don't mention the most important: LastPass
    Could you post a complete list of the extensions that you use? I can see some of them at 8:22
    I wonder how many people are thinking of buying neon suspenders


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