Top 12 Best Laptops for Graphic Design 2021

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What are the best laptops in 2021 for graphic design so far. In this video, I will be selecting my top 12 favorite laptops for graphic design in 2021 and explaining …

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  1. Hi! I really loved the video, thank you very much for the recommendations. Currently in my country I'm seeing a discount for a Huawei D15 with Ryzen 7 and Radeon RX Vega 10 graphics. Would you recommend it? 👉👈

  2. Hi Ben
    I am looking for a decent 2 in 1 laptop for work as well as illustrated and painting etc on the go. When I have tried to look at specs there is no information on colour Gamut like you are presenting. Which is great as it helps with my understanding of all the tech jargon but is there anything else that will show how accurate the colours will be?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated

  3. Thank you awesome reviews I was looking exactly for sth like it.
    What do you think about 2021 xiaomi redmi book 15 ? With i7 and mx450 it looks like price to the specs ratio rools..
    Can you comment ?

  4. Incredible content! After 7 years struggling with the low ram of my MacBook Pro I decided to buy a new laptop, I'm really confused whether I should continue with Mac or change, there are so many complicated tech terms to be taken into account, and your videos are helping me a lot! Thanks and keep the awesome work!

  5. Which laptop should I buy for video editing?
    1. Asus vivo book 14
    Ryzen 4700u
    8gb 512gb
    2. Lenovo Ideapad
    i5 1035g1
    Mx 250
    8 gb 256 gb 1 tb
    3. Acer Aspire 7
    i5 9300h
    gtx 1650ti
    8gb 512gb

    All three are the same price. Help please.

  6. Just bought an MSI Prestige 4K. Used a lot of your videos for research so thank you! You have awesome informational videos and are easy to watch and listen to. Keep doing your thing 🙏

  7. I bought an asus tuf a15 thanks to you, im learning how to use photo shop first and then learn davinci resolve, i cant wait to buy overwatch thankz BenG u tha maan!

  8. Which one of these would u suggest for 3d motion graphics cinema4d and ux/ui design
    Acer helios 300
    Dell xps15
    Macbook pro 13/15
    Lenevo thinkpad series x1 gen 2?

  9. Okay nice, now you have given us several guides about which laptop is best for what. Now what about making a video teaching us a bit more about different programs to use with our new laptop?

  10. I am getting omen 15 with 32gb ram in amazon.uae.. Its updated by seller.. should I go for for it.. ? Can I get HP warranty? I need that 32gb.. I am a interior designer .. I need for 3d max rendering..pls suggest something

  11. Bro please suggest a laptop for both study(programming) and editing video 1080p and decent design under 1000$ bro iam student please reply bro i follow u in every day

  12. Hey there…

    I don't know a word about drawing and sketching
    i completed some courses of photoshop,illustrator,premiere pro but I don't really like drawing or sketching

    Can I become a graphic designer???
    plz reply!!


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