Top 15 Best Strategy Games for iOS/Android in 2020

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[00:00] Intro
[00:15] #1 Rome: Total War — Barbarian Invasion
[00:44] #2 Grow Empire: Rome
[01:20] #3 Civilization VI
[01:55] #4 War Commander: Rogue Assault
[02:14] #5 Age of Ottoman
[02:40] #6 Dawn of Titans: Strategy Game
[03:07] #7 DomiNations
[03:37] #8 MechCom 3
[04:10] #9 Iron marines
[04:30] #10 BattlePlans
[05:05] #11 Badland Brawl
[05:40] #12 Plague Inc.
[06:06] #13 Incursion Tower Defense
[06:34] #14 Auto Chess
[07:08] #15 Dota Underlords

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  1. I must say the truth. Games like modern and super nuclear machine weapons make me sick. I dream the brave battles the honnor and glorious real Men battles not only in games but in Real Life when the strength the luck and the fast moves take the opponent! These games even if the players don't know they fill the minds with dishonor and horrific thoughts about war and honor of Men used to have years back and not very old years :). So In my opinion I suggest to avoid these like modern and space games and buy either rome total war or Like Age of Empires 2 style 🙂 They have so cool visuals for anroids and iphones or tablets and very HD animaitons that as far as I remember neither my win XP or older millenium use to have when I faced for a first time my beloved RTS AoE2 pc game. Really welldone for making came true Rome Total war and AoE 2 on mobiles, I hope next the Age of Mythology with "βούλομαι , δριτόμος, μεταλεύς" and something that indeed happens in nowdays and none seems to want to defend it is " εισβολή" !!!

  2. I HIGHLY recommend anybody to spend the $2 For Mecha Com 3, its super fun! Straight forward, simple, but you can have a variety in your troops with weaponry and means of transport. Like he stated theses no ads in games and no in app purchases except buying the game itself.


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