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  2. Hi HowToMen , please can you review this SOS Android app . Thanks for the channel.

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  3. Hi I hope you add this app in your next edition of cool apps. It's going to be the future social platform after Snapchat,Facebook and Instagram.Guys do have a look.It's really fun and easy to use. https://goo.gl/SRzExW

  4. Zapraszam do zdobywania zupełnie nowej waluty LMC. Spiesz się do logowania i wpisz mój kod 643gaQ, dostaniesz 10LMC na start.
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  5. I found a cool app that makes your phone yell when its moved, you can make it also ring when its moved so its less weird. But its kinda funny, and actually kinda helpful at keeping people from moving your phone without you knowing. Its called yelling phone. link below if you want it, or you can just search for it in the play store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.josco.yellingphone&hl=en

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  7. I like the channel, It was my only channel back then for apps and android tips, I think it's a quite good channel, But underrated. Try uploading stuffs on a regular bases.


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