Top 20 Best Android Apps of 2020!

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▣ Whale Papers

▣ Remote Fingerprint Unlock

▣ Hex Installer

▣ Synergy

▣ Firefox Send

▣ Daywise

▣ SplitCloud

▣ Automatic Dark Theme for Android 10

▣ Volume Control Panel

▣ AirDroid Remote Support

▣ AirMirror: Remote Support

▣ Skit

▣ Split Screen Launcher

▣ Anyride

▣ Microsoft Math Solver

▣ Repeat Button for YouTube

▣ Muviz Edge

▣ Arrive

▣ Dark Mode

▣ Typing Hero

▣ WPS Fill & Sign

▣ Drive Weather

▣ MIUI-ify Notification Shade & Quick Settings

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  1. People if you want on a samsung send large file. Every samsung device has a samsung app called linksharing. That is better then the app he showed. And its pre installed

  2. Good morning. Can you do a review on this new dating app name Dating Us Free.. please.

  3. Its kinda sad reading the comments of people 11 months ago because they seem so innocent because they don't knoe whats in for them in 2020 🙁

  4. Boy, Play store got over 3 million apps. Finding good ones in this scramble would be hard without these videos. For videos like this, we don't have to waste time trying to sort through all of them on our own. The video was as good as the thumbnail was. I am inspired, made a video of my own.

    Anyone reading this can take a look:

    Each app is excellent in its own way and a joy to use (not bluffing).


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