Top 5 Best Android Emulators For PC 2021

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Hi Welcome to my Channel , I will show you in this video Top 5 Best Android Emulators For PC 2021 In this Video I am Going to Show you the Complete …

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  1. Well there's 1 more emulator. Try game loop, The games are limited but most of them are popular games like Subway surfers, CODM, CoC, ML, PUBG, Free Fire, Among us and others. You might not find simulator games you wanted but trust me, it is also smooth and great for playing FPS games. The reason why it has low games is that they make every game in there High quality meaning it already has very nice mapping that i've seen better than bluestacks.
    Try it now:

  2. Anyone playing Rise of kingdoms on Emulators? please suggest good emulator for this game. Currently im using LDplayer and its getting lag and slower after few months after i installed the game.

  3. Yes I have a Question about another product/app/emulator?? ………. I was watching another youtube video about emulator and in the comments section many people had mentioned using "Injapp"?? They said it was newer and better than all these, but when I went to "" it does not seem to be an emulator, I'm not sure what it is or does, can you explain??
    Thank You!!

  4. The only one i've heard of is Blue Stacks. The rest of these(especially #5) seems kinda suspicious and filled with malware and viruses. Hell even Blue Stacks isn't safe because it just blue screens your computer when you try to install it. These aren't safe.

  5. some lame video and u can clearly see he was sponsored by MEMU … and where is the emulator from MSI ? If u have good PC, it will be the best, most safe and stable 🙂

  6. Most of these emulators, if not all, are just a reskin of the same thing. Mostly the same features, same structure, same settings, same EVERYTHING. I've tried them all.

  7. Are you want to play Free Fire on PC? But you could not find a good Emulator. I have brought the best emulator for you. You can use this ( The Emulator has no problem with a drug or move. I hope you like it.


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