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Looking for a fast and secure web browser for your Android device? Check out our list here!

We all love to browse the web on our smartphones, but a lot of you guys have been pestering me as to what’s the best web browser for your Android smartphones. Also something that’s not Google Chrome. Well, fret not, for this video is going to be all about that. Today we’ll be talking about the top 5 best Android Web Browsers that you should definitely use. Let’s get started.

Kiwi Browser:
Microsoft Edge:
Firefox Focus:
OH Web Browser:
Phoenix Web Browser:


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  1. don't waste your time here
    he just talked some random browsers which u will never use except firefox focus
    my rec.
    firefox focus
    and for normal browser
    stay on chrome

  2. Coc Coc browser is best and better than UC browser……Ye downloading ke liye best hai…

    Duck Duck Go….is also the best browser alternative for UC browser

  3. I've deleted my chrome, facebook and youtube app for ONE APP(Duck2 go), so far this! This browser works well in my android redmi note 8 pro. Kiwi B is very nice too! but I prefer to use duck2 go because this is very smooth in my device.

  4. What are ur thoughts or experiences on Samsung Internet as a browser…I too was using edge on my laptop and its fast but issue was sound coming through headphones or ear buds as no media… control…seems Kiwi is good

  5. Can anyone help me?
    I'm trying to find browser with "full" costumize theme.
    And by full I mean not color palette/dark mode, but personal images you can chose and not overlaped by website. If you ever had used UC Browser you understand what I mean.

    I'm being spoiled so much with UC Browser translucent UI (basically transparent browser with wallpaper) I'm struggling finding a new one…


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