Top 5 Best FREE Video Players for Windows

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If you need a video player, these are the best media players for Windows to play video files… To play the video stored on your computer, you’ll need a reliable media player. If you run the Windows operating, there are tons of software available that can play most of the popular video and audio formats. Other than being able to play your files, it’s important to have a media player that is lightweight, that won’t slow down your computer. In this video, I will countdown the top 5 video players that you can use on your computer for free.

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“Top 5 Tech” Playlist

0:30 Cutting edge video player.
2:00 Media player with remote feature.
3:21 Lightweight media player.
4:15 This player has many cool features.
5:11 Open-source cross-platform media player.

DivX Player

GOM Player

Media Player Classic – Home Cinema


VLC Media Player

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  1. If you're a software developer, from this day forward, if you include additional software or any other crap into your installer, your programs will no longer be mentioned or featured on this channel. In other words, your software will be dead to me!…. To the loyal viewers, thanks for watching 🙂

  2. BS Player is another player which served me well for many many years. I'll definetly take a look to Pot Player and few others which I didn't know.

  3. I'm looking for something that allows me to have control on a separate screen without affecting the video. I'm looking to play videos live. Can someone tell me what I need? I could pay but not very much

  4. gom player when i drop in the play it started to play but auto switch my channel
    issue 2 it give me not authorized user message and plays nothing
    any fit for the 2 issues?

  5. Oh, c'mon. If you want another free software (yes, open source) you have MPV. It is not necessary to download the extra libraries. All of them are included and it's very easy to use. I think is the best alternative of MPC-HC.


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